Eliminate bags under the eyes!

Blepharoplasty surgery (eyelid surgery) is performed to treat prominent orbital fat, redundant skin and muscle and other esthetic or functional problems around the eyes.  The upper eyelid is treated frequently to remove skin excess that partially occludes the visual field.  Lower eyelid surgery is performed basically for cosmetic reasons.  This surgery helps the patients to look more alert, awake and refreshed; in summary younger.  It has a positive impact in the patient’s life which regains confidence and self esteem.  

As a normal aging process, the skin and muscle around our eyes become loose and baggy which allows the fat compartments located in the upper and lower eyelids to become more prominent and visible (bags).

The goal of a blepharoplasty is to eliminate any skin and fat excess, if needed.  While considering that the lack of skin and fat around the eyes could give the patient a “hollow” look that will not be beneficial for a good cosmetic and balanced result,  Dr. Guerra will perform a consultation to evaluate your entire face, skin type, skin quality, but most importantly, hear what your complaints are. He will then recommend the most appropriate treatment, always based on realistic expectations.  The procedure is done in the office under IV sedation and the recovery time is about 5 to 7 days.

Patient after upper and lower blepharoplasty, in his upper and lower eyelids is evident the skin excess and laxity. In his lower eyelid, fat protrusion from the three different compartments is appreciated. 

Figure 1A and 1B, before and after pictures.