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Welcome to TERSA Oral and Facial Surgery

TERSA Oral and Facial Surgery is your home for oral surgery and dental implants in the Tampa, FL and the Lutz and Wesley Chapel, FL communities. Dr. Andrés E. Guerra-Andrade is uniquely qualified to treat even the most challenging cases with great results. As a board certified oral surgeon, his advanced training in anesthesiology and the latest technologies combine to give you access to the latest advancements in oral surgery with minimal discomfort. Our new office, the newest treatments available, and the skilled hands of our doctors allow you to rest assured that your condition is being addressed with the goal of attaining a healthy, pain-free smile.

Our goal is to make you feel reassured that you have made the correct choice in coming to TERSA Oral and Facial Surgery. Here, you will be in the hands of a highly skilled surgeon who will counsel you on the best approach to treat your condition with minimal pain and the fewest possible appointments. At TERSA Oral and Facial Surgery, we have both confidence and compassion.

Our Procedures

TERSA Oral and Facial Surgery is happy to offer a complimentary consultation to discuss your needs. We will suggest the best approach for your condition and describe how he can help to restore your oral and facial health. Contact our Lutz, FL office to schedule an appointment today!

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